Timber business
Spiritually fulfilling life
Living in a house built with Japanese tradition and natural materials,
in the peaceful and nature rich environment.
Creating the spiritually fulfilling living environment, whie getting back the Japanese original scenery.
Spiritually fulfilling life starts with clean factory
All the materials for Yabashi’s Home are processed in our own pre-cut factory. Clean working site lead to safety and high quality. At our factory, safety comes first before everything else. We also work on 5S and 2H2C to maintain the clean work site during the operation. Safety comes first before everything at our factory. We also work on 5S and 2H2C activities in order to maintain the clean state throughout the operation. Awareness of each individual employee towards the efficiency as well as introduction of original processing machines and improving technology increases the factory’s productivity.
We process the housing materials for not only our own houses but for other house building companies as well. As the specified precut factory of our customers, we are valued highly for our processing accuracy, quality management system, the effect of quality improvements, maintenance and management of production facilities as welll as for the organisational management etc. ※5S= Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Set), Seiso (Sweep), Seiketsu (Standardise), Shitsuge (Sustain) 2H2C= Quality check every 02 hours to ensure that machines are operating properly.

Staffs’ capabilities accumulated by their improvement activities
At Yabashi Group, all the companies including the oversea subsidiaries work on various improvement activities and present their results at improvement presentation gala held in Japan.The improvement activities start from realising that procedures you usually take may not be the normal procedure. Review the small details on everyday operation such as stock management and location of the tools to reduce as much of overburdens or wastes

Tarui Facotry

Working at the factory with 5S
Wooden frame metal joint construction method
Wooden frame metal joint construction method has smaller partial loss on the cross-sectional area compare to traditional method(shaping the joints by carving wood), thus it makes the house structure very strong. Using metal joints gives strength and they are attached securely to the material at our factory which helps to reduce construction time on the building site.

Metal joints for the connecting section

Wooden frame metal joint construction method
Factory that makes your dream comes true
We all work with the pride to produce products with high precision and quality to make your dream comes true. Production site of the precut factory for Yabashi’s home is the place that makes your dream home come true. We are working on the factory greening to make the factory and the surrounding into an environment that makes our customers want to visit. Natural green does not just prevent global warming or noise and vibrational pollution but also heals your mind.

Factory Greening

Factory Visit Tour
High quality design documents to provide you safety and security
Designs for the buildings of “Yabashi’s Home” and its garden are created at our Architechnos design office. Based on the plan discussed with you, our group companies VINACAD, VINAWHITE (both in Vietnam) and MyanmarCAD (in Myanmar) prepares CAD and CAM data. Those data will be used at our precut factory to process the materials (wood) used in your house. With this flow, we can deliver high quality and high accuracy products to the construction site. By standardising these procedures, we can carry out stable production with high quality, low cost and efficient. We hand over various plan drawing documents including structure and gardening etc to our customer. We can say that our design documents are the warranty letter of our houses.

※CAD=Drawn on the computers to design.  CAM= Data used for processing and it is converted from CAM data.

Design and estimation by ARCHITREND
At our company, we use “ARCHITREND” to carry out layout design, structural design and estimation.

※ARCHITREND is an architectural CAD software which can instantly produce 3D model from basic data like layouts and roof shape. It can also create various drawings and documents, Architechtural 3D perspective etc with the signle package.

Layout drawng

Cooperating with foreign CAD centres
In Vietnam and Myanmar, we have talented employees who has learned Japanese language as well as Japanese wooden house structure and carry out design input operations. In order to understand the importance of quality of design data, our employees come to see the construction work and site in Japan as well as Japanese culture and livelihood and those employees act as a leader when creating design documents.

Undertaking training in Japan

Thorough employee orientation to gain employee satisfaction
We aim to create working environment where everyone of Yabashi Group employees can work with spiritual fulfillment. Especially in Vietnam and Myanmar where we have CAD centre, we have our own company canteen operated by our employees to maintain our employees’ health and provide place for the communication. All the employees of the CAD centre gather once a yeaar to celebrate anniversary ceremony and they enjoy foods and performance, create stronger bonding amongst teams.

Our employee working at canteen(VINACAD)

Anniversary ceremony (VINAWHITE)
Handworks with the craftmanship
“Yabashi’s Home” is packed with the craftmanship of the Yabashi Koubou. Yabashi Koubou can provide you the the unique taste that only comes with the handwork. Although it is a handwork, we do not do everything by hand. Sometimes we use machines but the craftsmen who use the machines are capable of doing it by hand. We believe this is an important requirement. We do not just simply sell solid wooden flooring, doors or counters etc. but we want to provide you the space which you can spend spiritually enriched life. We hope that you feel there is something different about “Yabashi’s Home” compared to other houses.

Yabashi Original Interior material
We believe that our original interior finishing represents unique characteristics of “Yabashi’s Home”. Original items are more like art products rather than the mass produced commodity items. Rather than being dependent of the trend at the time, these items are designed with the policy of “the universality derived through history” and the designs are brought to life by combining with the skills of our craftsmen who understand the design intention.

Original Door

The cutoffs from structural materials are utilized as the base for the door and finished with Ash tree board. Then each doors are coated and completed by attaching the glass and the door knob.
Original lighting "Toutou"
The light has unique design utilizing natural distortion of the tree bark. Couple of wood boards are put together to be painted, then Japanese paper is stuck onto the gap with lacquer. Please enjoy the gentle light through the paper and its appearance that each of them is different
Apart from solid wood flooring, we process and paint our original doors and other interior materials. We provide you the warmth of the wood where ever your hands touch. The longer you live with, the more beautiful the real wood becomes. We make sure to shave off the edges so that you would not hurt your hands when you touch it.

Picture railing

Stair handrailing

Window ledge

Writing counter



Wall pannel

Decorative lower wall
Coating technique
Craftsmen’s handwork makes the most of materials’ goodness and add extra value. Painting is one of Yabashi’s speciality techniques. Each of Yabashi original flooring boards is gun-painted by hand. Therer are numerous kinds of wood that are used for the interior materials. To make the most of each kind’s characteristics, we make minor adjustments over and over to determine the most suitable colour and coating method. We think that a good sense in painting is one of the technique. Our solid wood flooring has just a right amount of paint thickness to retain enough strength of the painted layer while showing the wood grain beautifully. The flooring is used in all properties of “Yabashi’s Home” Please the warmth of the real wood.
Our paint work

You could see the wooden texture and grains
Other existing products

Wood grains are not very clear
Yabashi Original Solid Wood Flooring










Checkered panel
Herringbone Panel

Coating process for our original flooring

1. Colouring
Colour the board with brush. Brushing speed is important for even colouring.

2. Undercoating
Apply the urathane coating with a spray gun. Fine particle of the urathane makes wood grain more unique compared to conventional painting.

3. Polishing
Wood surface roughened by undercoating is polished flat with coarse sandpaper so that next mid coating can stay on the surface more firmly.

4. Mid coating
Second paint preparation. Cpmpared to undercoating, firmer urathane paint is sprayed with the spray gun to make the paint layer thicker.

5. Polishing
The surface is lightly polished with fine sandpaper. If there are any dust on the surface, every single one of them are removed for the final check.

6. Finishing
Third spray coating. More the number of layers, stronger the coating strength and the grain appears more beautifully.

7. Inspection
Each panel is closely inspected by hands and eyes for any damage, uneven coating or dust to ensure the quality.

Throughout each stages of brush painting, undercoating, first polish, mid coating, second polish and final mat finish coating, the panel is carefully inspected visually as well as by hands.
Expanding the work of the human hands to Vietnam
Work of the human hands makes you warm at heart and feel what it means by “Spiritually fulfilling life”. That is vital factor for the houses. As the population declines in Japan, the labour force is becoming scarce. However, there are a lot of young and very motivated people who are willing to work. At our company, we carry out these works of the human hand in Vietnam.

Hand works

Wood processing factory in Vietnam
Building beautiful gardens and a town full of nature
Fresh green in Spring, cool summer shades, Autumn leaves, We propose a beautiful garden with seasonal changes. Your “Spiritually fulfilling life” begins once the building work is completed. We think it is important to propose you the lifestyle that you can enjoy the Japanese seasonal sceneries and Japanese culture. Starting from a basic garden, we hope you enjoy growing the garden into your liking.

Garden with seasonal changes
The green leaves you see through the window connects indoor with outdoor and these green gives relief to your heart. At “Yabashi’s Home”, we propose you both building and garden at the same time and make your “garden callendar” so that you can enjoy the nature in your garden and feel the seaosnal changes which lead to “spiritually fulfilling life”. Fruits bearing, leaves changing their colour, scent of flowers… please feel the nature and seasonal changes close to you.

Garden full of green

Your garden callendar
Bringing natural grown mountnain tree to your garden
We propose you a garden that reminds you of woodland scenery. In your garden, we plant young mountainous trees taken from our own woodland so that your garden has natural shaped beautiful trees.

Bringing natural mountain tree to your garden

Green makes beautiful town
Joy of growing a garden
The joy of growing plants and looking after your garden. “Spiritually fulfilling community” can be born through gardening. At Yabashi’s Home, we install a rain tank and make a space for kitchen garden. Rain water can be used for watering your kitchen garden and you could enjoy fresh vegetable grown in your kitchen garden. These could be a part of your child’s food education. The rain tank can be useful as emergency water in case of a disaster.

Using water from rain tank to your garden

Beautiful garden a few years after moving in