YPSL (Housing business support service)
“Yabashi Process Support Link” is a service which support your house making process using Yabashi’s functions.
“Yabashi Process Support Link” is a service which support your house making process using Yabashi’s functions.
House making process (For end consumers)
House making process

①Support on the concept making
Deciding on the product concept and the design. We discuss about new product concept such as what kind of people you want as residents, what kind of life style you want them to have with you. Having discussion with architects, we solidify the product image.

②Standardising the specification
We standardise the specification for each products so that we have starting line for free - designs. Customer can choose a model plan which matches their lifestyle. The discussion is held between sales personnel and planning engineer.

◾️Factory visit events
You can organise a visiting even to our structural precut factory. Your customers can see the basis for the safety and security with their own eyes.
Area・Subsurface survey

◾️Subsurface Investigation・Survey
Our Green Court division handles the land and subsurface survey. By carrying out land investigation, we utilise the information to make the most suitable plan, then work with the architect to create exterior, interior and garden design.

Quotation・Signing ceremony・ Design documents⑤Design support

④CAD Communisation
⑤Design support
Our CAD operation business deals with 35,000 properties annually. The house plan, which is finalised after the meetings with your customer, is made into design documents in Vietnam (at VINACAD, VinhCAD) using the communised CAD software "ARCHITREND". The structural CAD data is created in our 03 oversea subsidiaries including Myanmar (MyanmarCAD) to deliver you a good quality layout and structural data.

※For "TechnoStar" method, the structural CAD data is created in Vietnam and converted to CAM data at LIXIL.

◾️Signing ceremony

Data input using standardised CAD "ARCHITREND" - Fixed layout plan / Structural plan・Structural calculation / Design document for building confirmation / Calculation for exterior wall / CAM data / Garden design
Ground breaking ceremony and construction start

◾️Ground breaking ceremony

⑦Order-made millwork materials
Utilising the processing and coating technology nurtured by Yabashi Koubou, we produce and paint original millwork materials at our factory. We use a lot of original millwork materials with the warmth of the wood in the places where hand touches directly.

At our factory, we use the accurate CAM data created abroad to produce (precut) the structural and substructural materials. We deliver around 80properties worth of materials which pass our strict quality control standard in a month to our customers including major housing companies. The factory is always working on making improvements at work site to deliver an even better product quality.

⑨Foundation work
Green Court division who has been accumulating original technologies and experience in gardening, civil engineering, soil amendments, environmental restoration will take care of your soil amendment and foundation construction.
Frame raising ceremony・Construction

◾️Frame raising ceremony

Following the standard construction, Yabashi Koumuten manages the overall process for the construction. We use process management system and work with cooperating companies. The company also carries out interior finishing such as installation of fixtures and Yabashi original flooring.
⑩Frame raising
The precut materials produced at our factory are assembled on site. Construction materials with high precision are assembled exactly as planned. For the frame raising, precut materials are simply fitted together using a crane or wrecker truck. The assemble process can be executed without carpenters.
⑪Construction materials
・Housing facilities We are able to provide you windows sashes, fixtures, kitchen units, air-conditioners and water heater etc.

The garden is important part of a house. We design and construct the garden at the same time as the hosue itself. Beautiful garden will be an important factor for creating nature rich town.
Completion・Inspection・Handover ceremony

◾️Handover ceremony
After-sale service

⑬Sales support
We provide sales personnel training, advertisement strategy

⑭After-sales support
We provide periodic inspection and maintenance after the house and sales transaction are completed as well as customer moving in. Finishing the construction is not the end but it is a beginning of long relationship with the customers.

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