Yabashi Forestry mainly operates "house making " as its main business. We design , construct and sell ordered houses and ready-built houses as well as residential area developments. We are also engaing in the Lumbering of wooden material which is the foundation of the house making , production of housing materails and the sales.

Timber Business Div
Combining latest technologies with traditional house design under the keyword "gaining new wisdowm through old ", Yabashi is trying to bring back tradition sceneries . We aslo deal with building materials like windows,filtings,built in kitchens and baths as well as solar power generation system .We have wide variety of our original products including precut structural materials, sub-structural materials and re-processed timber etc.Our construction support service " Yabashi Process Support Link " is available for construction companies and house buildings.
Production Div
Building authentic house which lasts for over 100 years.Tarui and Hirui Factories where the main operation is wood operation is wood processing holds the ground for Yabashi Forestry's authentic article orientated approach .Akasaka factory which is certified (R-grade) welding and assembly factory cooperates with VINAWHITE(Vietnam) to produce Yabashi Original processing machines and other various metal processing products.
Steel Material Bussiness Production Div
The division cames out sales activities to recieve order for product processed at out factories , distributed stee materials, civil engineering materials and despoke machines .At construction section, we carry out the general construction work such as design management for the layout designing and the structure designing ,the construction work and maintenance and repair work etc for offices and factories . This section also deals with frame rasing operation for wooden house .
Architecnos Design Offices
The main operation for this division is house designing as well as enviromental designing .We put great importance on the co-existance with nature in designing policy in areas such as garden and exterial design of bespoke houses and ready built houses.
Sohard Business Div.
The division handles establishing IT infrastructure , its operation and maintenance as well as system development . The system design in Japan is developed into a program with cooperation with VINACAD (Vietnam) In the business section ,they sell air-conditioners and offices appliances .Printing PR items by digital printer is also a part of their operation and our internal magazine "UMIYURI " is also printed by the division .
Yabashi Koubou
Lacquewares and funitures are crafted at the division . The division was established to obtain our unique skills and techniques which enables us to create good houses with traditional Japanese culture in its backbone.As a symbol of succeeding the traditional "techniques " the workshop continue to pursue for the skill and the concept of "Takumi(craftmanship)" which is underfying foundation for all the production at Yabashi Group .

Company Overview

Company Name
Tatsuyoshi Yabashi
Head Office Address
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
Established Date
February 1953
45,000,000 JPY
No. of Employees (Japan)
165 people (As of January 2022)
Main Business
Designing, building and sales of the custom built houses and ready built houses, Processing and sales of the housing materials and wooden materials, Processing and sales of the steel materials, Sales of the Production technology dept’s machineries, Crafting and sales of the lacquerwares and furnitures, Development of the computer systems, Sales of office automation (OA) and factory automation (FA) equipments.


Head Office Administration Div.
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0820 FAX 0584-71-1476
Yabashi Technical Centre
410-1 Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-2122, Japan
Wood business: Housing Div.
TEL 0584-22-0001  FAX 0584-22-5666
Wood Business: Sales and Marketing Div.
TEL 0584-22-6262  FAX 0584-22-6230
Production Div. : Tarui Factory
TEL 0584-22-6616  FAX 0584-22-3687
Yabashi Koubou
TEL 0584-22-3684  FAX 0584-22-3687
Sohard Business Div.
TEL 0584-22-1001  FAX 0584-22-6081
Architecnos Design Office
TEL 0584-22-6366  FAX 0584-22-6646
Production Div. : Industrial Tech Div.
TEL 0584-22-5696  FAX 0584-22-5656
Production Div.: Overseas Industrial Tech team
(Yabashi International Co., Ltd.)
TEL 0584-22-6411  FAX 0584-22-6355
Productio Div. : Hirui Factory
246-1, Hirui-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2216, Japan
TEL 0584-91-3366  FAX 0584-91-0824
Steel Material Business Production Div. :
Akasaka Factory
2838-1, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-1023  FAX 0584-71-2228
Nagoya Showroom
1F, Chojamachi Sougo Building, 5-31, Nishiki 2 chome,
Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0003, Japan
TEL 052-870-9290 FAX 052-870-9291
Ginza Showroom
2F, Shimizu Building, 4-3-2, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
TEL・FAX 03-3561-8972


1953YABASHI FORESTRY CO., LTD. was established. Felling, plantation, afforestation projects and lumbering factory started operating.
1955Construction operations started on custom built houses.
1961Hirui Factory was constructed.
1970Steel Material Centre was constructed.
1972Department of Real Estate and Development was opened.
1990Yabashi Koubou’s show room opened in Ginza, Tokyo.
1993Yabashi Technical Centre was opened.
1997Subsidiary YABASHI KOUMUTEN CO., LTD. was established.
2001ISO9001 was obtained.
2002Architechnos Design Office was opened.
2003Hirui Substructures Factory started operations.
2005Industrial Tech Div. was opened up.
2008Became 100% subsidiary of YABASHI HOLDINGS CO., LTD.