Yabshi Industries has longest history in the group companies with it being established in 1926 . The main operation is production and sales of lime products. The company continue to contribute back to the society by providing products which are friendly to both human and environment.

Sales & Marketing Division . Production Div. Research & Development Division.
At the production division , they manufacture various lime products Otomezaka factory and Okubo factory are located in Ogaki City and Nagoya factory is located inside the Nippon Steel Co., Ltd NagoYa Works.The Limestone which is a raw material for the quick lime is transported from Otomezaka factory to Nagoya factory by train in the special carrige .The products which uses Limestone as a raw material is used industries such as steel making , Chemical , construction ,agriculture , medicinal ,food , environmental and other cutting edge industries .However , there are still undiscovered potential in the lime and limestone , so R&D division pursue to develop such potentials as well as quality control and analysis operation .

Company Overview

Company Name
Tatsuyoshi Yabashi
Head Office Address
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
Established Date
April, 1926
100,000,000 JPY
No. of Employees
195 people (As of January 2022)
Main Business
Production and Sales of Quick lime, Lime Mixture, Slaked lime, Highly reactive slaked lime, Ground Calcium Carbonate, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Lime slurry, Limestone, Crushed stone, desiccant, acidic gas absorbent and other granulated products. Production of synthetic polymer film and sales of processed products.


Head Office Admin Division
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-1105  FAX 0584-71-2989
Production Akasaka Division(Otomezaka Factory)
1753, Minami Ichihashi-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2211, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0007  FAX 0584-71-2998
(Okubo Factory)
4387, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0101 FAX 0584-71-3012
Production Nagoya Division
inside Nagoya Steel Mill premises, NIPPON STEEL
CORPORATION 5-3, Tokai-cho, Tokai-shi, Aichi 476-0015, Japan
TEL 052-603-1341  FAX 052-603-5459
Production Div. Mine Parc Div.
4218-1, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213 Japan
TEL 0584-71-5055  FAX 0584-71-5066
Production Div. : Tarui Factory
726-1, Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-2122, Japan
TEL 0584-76-5143  FAX 0584-76-5144
Sales & Marketing Division
1753, Minami Ichihashi-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2211, Japan
TEL 0584-71-1100  FAX 0584-71-1898
Technological Research & Development Division
4278, Okubo, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0555  FAX 0584-71-0561
Tokyo Contact Office
2F, Shimizu Building, 4-3-2, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
TEL・FAX 03-3561-8972


1926Yabashi trading joint stock company was established.
1943The name changed to YABASHI INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.
1957Kinshozan limestone mining union was founded with 23 members.
1961Mining was started using the communal mining right for the Kinshozan limestone mining union.
1964Rotary Kiln no.1 was constructed in Otomezaka factory.
1967Rotary Kiln no.2 was constructed in Otomezaka factory.
1969Nagoya factory was opened within Nippon Steel Co., Ltd. Nagoya Steel Works premises. Rotary Kiln was constructed in the factory.
1976Slaked lime production facility was built in Otomezaka factory.
1979Research and development laboratory was opened.
1981Mixing factory was opened in Okubo, and Melts furnace was constructed in Otomezaka factory.
1983Precipitated calcium carbonate factory was built within the Otomezaka factory.
1985Briquette production equipment was built in the Mixing factory.
1991Vertical coke limestone furnace was constructed.
1998Otomezaka factory was equipped with production facility for highly reactive quick lime. Production facility for soil amendment material was equipped in Okubo factory.
1999Two Koma-type limestone furnaces were equipped in Nagoya factory.
2001Otomezaka factory obtained ISO9001: 2000 certificate.
2006Nagoya factory has equipped two more koma-type limestone furnaces.
2008Became 100% subsidiary of Yabashi Holdings Co., Ltd.
2014Tatsuyoshi Yabashi inaugurated as president and Shinya Yabashi inaugurated as chairman.
2017Obtained Tarui factory from Wako Kasei Co., Ltd. and succeeded a part of their film production business.
2019Integrated Yabashi Mine Parc Co., Ltd. into Yabashi Industries Co., Ltd.