Yabashi International Co., Ltd.
Yabashi International Co., Ltd. launched in 1996 when the Yabashi Group started a joint venture with a company in Vietnam. Its primary functions at the time were to act as the Group’s offshore investor and to supply production-technology transfers as well as a business-consignment company for the Group’s overseas subsidiaries. Besides that, it currently has its technical experts and sales staff working for our respective customers, and is expanding its ship-allocation business for the transportation amongst the domestic and overseas group.

Company Overview

Company Name
Yabashi International Co., Ltd.
Tatsuyoshi Yabashi
Head Office Address
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
Established Date
July 1996
45,000,000 JPY
No. of Employees
30 people (As of January 2022)
Main Business
Mining and sales of limestone/Production and sales of lime products/Oversea survey, importing and sales of mineral resources/Sales of CAD data input upon order/Oversea technological support/Market research in foreign countries


226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0181 FAX 0584-71-1476


1996Yabashi International Co., Ltd. was established as a foreign investment source for Yabashi Group, securing a joint venture     in Vietnam and the technological transfer, as well as a marketing entrusted company for foreign subsidiaries.
2000Yabashi White Limestone Mining Vietnam Corp., (VINAWHITE) was established.
2002Yabashi Vietnam CAD Technology Corp., (VINACAD) was established. YABASHI LIMESTONE TECHS KOREA CO., LTD(YLTK) was founded.
2010Became a 100% subsidiary of Yabashi Holdings Co., Ltd.
2013Yabashi Myanmar CAD Technologies Co., Ltd. was established.