Mitsuboshi Mining carries out Limestone mining operation at Mt. Kinsho and aims to utilise the resource as effectively and efficiently as possible .At the same time , the Company is already working on the ex-mining site regeneration plan by starting on greening etc ahead of the time when the mining comes to an end .

Mining Div . Industrial Tech Div.
Rational mining plan is created using mining CAD (with survey and geological investigation result) and limestones are mined according to the plan .The stone is then crushed , washed, sorted and stored .The water used to wash the stones are processed at the waste water treatment plant to separate mud and water , then the recycled water is reused again .The Industrial Tech division works to make improvement on safety management skills as well quality management of the limestone etc .
Green Court Div
Gardning , civil engineering and enviromental regeneration are taken care by the division . They also carry out landscaping , subsurface survery , subsurface amendment ,foundation construction work etc. as welll .Agriculture is another one of their operation and they produce Omi Yogo rice and AKasaka's fig etc. In 2015 , cafe and shop "VEGETABLE SHOP Yogo farm " was opened With the mine regeneration and return to natural agricultural method as the core of the businesses, the division expand the businesses with 100years time in its mind .

Company Overview

Company Name
Tatsuyoshi Yabashi
Head Office Address
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
Established Date
April 2007
40, 680, 000 JPY
No. of Employees
76 people (As of January 2022)
Main Business
Mining, processing and sales of limestone, Construction-work related to land formation and ground reinforcement, Design implementation and management of landscaping and tree planting, General construction work, Agriculture


Head Office
Administration Department
226 Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0181 FAX 0584-71-1476
Mining Div. Mining section
(Atago Quarry)
4810, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-0608 FAX 0584-71-5190
Mining Div. Sorting section Ore dressing team
(Otomezaka Sorting Factory)
4566-7, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL 0584-71-1013 FAX 0584-71-3586
Mining Div. Sorting section Wastewater treatment team (Waste Water Treatment Plant)
2791, Akasaka-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-2213, Japan
TEL・FAX 0584-71-3121
Green Court Div.
Engineering works and landscape gardening section (Yabashi Technical Centre)
410-1, Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-2122, Japan
TEL 0584-22-0002 FAX 0584-22-0769
665, Shimonyu, Yogo-cho, Nagahama-Shi, Shiga 529-0514, Japan
TEL 0749-86-3021 FAX 0749-86-3319
Tokyo Contact Office
2F, Shimizu Building, 4-3-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
TEL・FAX 03-3561-8972


1961Established as stone supplier division of YABASHI INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Started the development of Atago 1st quarry which was aimed to achieve production scale of 40,000 t/month.
1963Construction of Atago 1st quarry, 1st vertical shaft and Otomezaka 1st sorting factory were completed.
1968Development of Atago 2nd quarry with 60,000 t/month scale production had started.
1971Construction of Atago 2nd quarry, 2nd vertical shaft and Otomezaka 2nd ore sorting factory were completed. Limestone crushing facility for sintering purposes was constructed in Atago ore sorting factory.
19721st period of waste water treatment plant construction (thickener) was completed.
19742nd period of the waste water treatment plant (filter press) was completed.
1976Development of Atago 3rd quarry had started in order to achieve 150,000t/month production scale.
1983Mobile crushing plant was installed at the entrance to the 2nd vertical shaft.
1987Two fully-automated filter press equipments were introduced into the waste water treatment plant.
1988Mobile crushing plant positioned at the entrance to the 1st vertical shaft.
1991Introduced a fully-automated filter press equipment to the waste water treatment plant.
1994Completed additional facility installment to Otomezaka sorting facility. Crushing production has started.
1998Green Court Div. (gardening and civil engineering works) was established in preparation of the afforestation project for the complete quarry land.
2007Inherited the trade mark “MITSUBOSHI MINING CO., LTD.” and formed a 100% subsidiary through incorporation-type split from YABASHI HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
2008Obtained ISO9001 within Green Court Div.
2009Introduced a new limestone crushing facility at the entrance of 2nd vertical shaft at Atago quarry.