Yabashi Vietnam CAD Technology Corporation
In those days, as the Yabashi Group’s businesses diversified, CAD drawing designs and building structures expanded beyond capacity. To avoid the estimated rise of labor costs caused by increasing the number of operators in Japan, we decided to move this labor intensive division overseas where cheaper labor was available. The demand of the Yabashi Group, which highly values the potentials of the Vietnamese people, were evenly matched with that of Vietnam, where economic growth was about to start under its Doi Moi economic renovation program. Then we established VINACAD in the Techno-Center located in Thang Long Industrial Park in the suburbs of its capital city Hanoi. Today about 200 operators are engaged in CAD data input of construction, IT, machines and mining etc.

Company Overview

Company Name
Yabashi Vietnam CAD Technology Corporation
Tatsuyoshi Yabashi
Head Office Address
Plot B9 Thang Long Industrial Park, Dong Anh District, Hanoi, VIETNAM
Established Date
Aug. 2002
14,660,000 USD
No. of Employees
162 people (As of January 2022)
Main Business
Input and sales of architectural pre-cut CAD data (planning, designing and structure drawings). Creating architectural working drawing. Software development. Air-conditioning and business equipment quotations. Structural input of steel-framed buildings. Concrete secondary product allocation operations. Landscaping plan input.


Head Office
Plot B9 Thang Long Industrial Park,
Dong Anh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL +84-24-38812470 FAX +84-24-38812471


2002Gained Investment Permit for Yabashi Vietnam CAD Technology Corp. Applied for Business VISA for the training in Japan.
2003Training in Japan started and the 1st phase trainees came to Japan for 3 months.
2003Material allocation operation was consigned and has started (Sumitomo Forestry). Commissioned material allocation has started (Sumitomo Forestry).
2005Structural input commission has started (Sumitomo Forestry ・TOSTEM). Structural input entrust for steel-framed architectures has started.
2006Air Conditioning related input-commission has started.
2008Commissioned plan input of sashes for buildings has started.
2009Concrete secondary product allocation operation commission has begun.