Yabashi White Limestone Mining Vietnam Corporation
So, in March 2000 , we founded this joint venture corporation Japan Vietnam Mineral Resource Industry Corporation in Vietnam, and started mining white Limestone as a pioneer of Yabashi Group's globalization project. In Jan 2005 , our safety management , production control and quality control which conform to Japanese Standard was appreciated by Vietnam Government and our company changed its investment form to be Yabashi White Limestone Mining Vietname Corp .(VINAWHITE) which is the first company with 100% foreign company in Vietnam).following the mining division , Metal Processing division as well as VinCAD centre has been established and currently we are setting up wood processing division who carries out interior materials .

Company Overview

Company Name
Yabashi White Limestone Mining Vietnam Corporation
Tatsuyoshi Yabashi
Head Office Address
Chau Cuong Village, Quy Hop District, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
Established Date
Mar. 2000
3,016.6 Billion VND
No. of Employees
335 people (As of January 2022)
Main Business
Mining, processing of white limestone. Designing, production (processing) and sales of steel processed products. Computer Aided Design (CAD) data input operation. Creating and processing quarries and civil engineering works plans.


Head Office
Chau Cuong Village, Quy Hop District,
Nghe An Province, Vietnam
TEL +84-238-3981180 FAX +84-238-3981182
VinhCAD Centre
No.146, Nguyen Sy Sach st.,
Vinh city, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
TEL +84-238-6251735 FAX +84-238-6251736


2000Received “Investment permission No.2155/GP”.
2001Received “Mining Right No.0178/GP-DCK” for Chau Cuong mine. “Mining Plan approval No.1040/QD-DCKS” was obtained for mining area in Chau Cuong mine.
2004Nghe An Mineral Company (NAMCO) and Yabashi International Co., Ltd. concluded Agreement on transferring NAMCO’s share.
2005“Permission to transfer NAMCO’s share to Yabashi International” and “Investment Adjustment Permission No.2155/GP” to reorganize the investor was accepted and “Investment Permission” was granted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Thus, Yabashi White Limestone Mining Vietnam Corporation (VINAWHITE) was established where Yabashi International possesses 90% of its share and remaining 10% belongs to Meiwa Corporation. Application to alter the name holder of the Mining Right was submitted to the Ministry of resource and environment on 22nd March.
2006Yabashi White Limestone Mining Vietnam Corporation(VINAWHITE) was granted a permission to continue mining at Chau Cuong white limestone mine in Chau Cuong Village, Quy Hop District, Nghe An Province according to “Mining Permission No. 0178/GP-DCKS” issued on 17 Jan. 2001 by Ministry of Industry.
2008“Investment Proof No. 271023000001” was issued in accordance to Vietnamese Corporate Law by Nghe An Province People’s Committees.
2010Obtained “Investment Adjustment Proof” related to capital increase and expanding business range including wooden house CAD input operation and steel processing operation from Nghe An Province People’s committee.