Attractive country that continue to evolve while maintaining traditions
 Korea has traditional sceneries like Korean dynasty palace which is registered world heritage and old traditional Korean houses with thatched roof, but at the same time, the country is one of the most advanced IT industries in Asian countries. After the rapid economic growth period, there are countless high rise buildings in large cities like Seoul and Busan. Main cities are connected by rail and highways, with sufficient metro and bus systems in the cities. There are so many attractive things ranging from gourmet, fashion, cosmetics, K-POP stars to beautiful nature and historic architectures making the country one of the popular tourist destinations regardless of age or gender.
 Our company YLTK is located in Eastern costal town of Yeongdeok where it is famous for snow-crab. The town has sea of Japan on its East side and nature rich mountains on the West.
Special Summer menu in Korea. It is easy to make and you can eat it right away. The dish was born in Northern part of Korea where it is suited to grow Memil (buckwheat)
"Mac" of the name "Mackuksu" means "instantly" in Korean and "Kuksu" means "noodle", so the name "Mackuksu" literally suggests it is a noodle dish that you can easily make and eat. There are two different types for this dish. One is "Bibim noodle" tat you eat with source and another type is "Mul noodle" that you eat with soup. Bibim noodle has cucumber, boiled egg, sea weed and sesame etc. as toppings and mixed with a source made by Gochujang, vinegar and sugar etc. Mul noodle (water noodle) has lighter flavour with beef soup instead of Gochujang.
Mackuksu only eaten in the Summer is a buckweat noodle dish born in place called Gangwon-do located in Northern part of Korea famous for memil production.
Memil (buckweat) Pajeon (Korean pancake)
There is a restaurant that you can enjoy Mackuksu near our company YLTK. The restaurant only opens between May and October, and you can taste memil pajeon made with buckweat flour too.
Pajeon, bibim noodle and mul noodle are all priced at 7,000KRW per person. If you come to Korea, please try it.
Jjimjilbang(steam house) is a form of a large, public bathhouse developed rapidly since late 1990s in Korea. It is established as the facility furnishing with hot tubs, saunas, Korean saunas(Han-jung-mak) and etc all in one place.
Nowadays, the scale of Jjimjilbang is expanding into a facility which we can enjoy not only hot-tubs or saunas but also food, exercises, skincare, massage, sleeping, games as well. It is commonly known as a large composite facility which offers a variety of services which old and young men and women enjoy.
At the entrance of Jjimjilbang, there is a sign of each room’s name and its indoor temperature. With looking at the sign, we can try saunas of your preference by selecting rooms. Depending on the facilities, we can enjoy many kinds of saunas like salt saunas, yellow soil saunas, oxygen saunas or ice saunas.
Such saunas are originally called “Jjimjilbang”. At the large “Jjimjilbang” facility, there are specific T-shirts and half pants called gown to wear as unisex clothes. People enojy jjimjilbang with not just one sauna but moving from one sauna room to another as they want to.
What is the classic thing at Jjimjilbang?
A head of sheep…. It is a classic style at Jjimjilbang to wear towels on head with a shape like sheep’s head. I guess you have seen the style since it is often shown on Korean dramas. The users make sheep’s head with towels rented at saunas and cover their head with it.
Gourmet…The necessary routine at Jjimjilbang is eating foods after sweating in large quantities which is said good for health. The classic menu is Sikhye(sweet rice sake) and boiled eggs having high nutritive quality.
Recreational facilities… There are a coffee shop with a manga library and a free movie theater which you can watch as much as you want. Also there are some ride-on cars and video games for kids at a cheap price.