Abundant nature, Huge grassland country blessed with resources
 It is such a magnificent “grassland country” that 80% of the country comprises of grassland. `The average altitude is 1500 meters, it being said “highland country” as well. There is a coniferous forest zone called Taiga in northwest part where high mountains range; on the contrary, there is a Gobi desert expanded in southeast part. The amount of precipitation is little but the underground water is abundant, also there are many rivers, lakes and marshes. The temperature difference is quite extreme, about 40℃ in summer and about - 30℃ in winter. It has plentiful mines resources in Mongolia, and a mining specialist from Mongolia is working actively at our company.  The populatioon is gradually being settled in permanently with half of the population is concentrated in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.
However, still nowadays nomads occupied 20% of the population. They have “the five basic domesticated animals”, which are sheep, goats, horses, cows, and camels and inhabit at a mobile house called “Ger”. They have a traditional nomad’s lifestyle, making their living with seeking grasses and water and moving around seasonally.
They have a concept “we live by eating red(meats) and white(dairy products).” Nomads who tend to lack vegetables take in necessary minerals and vitamins by drinking Kumiss.
“Kumiss”, alcohol which all family members drink is a drink made from fermented horse milk and it is called “Airag” in Mongolian. Horse milk is milked from June to August in the milking season and stirred hundreds or thousands times. Putting a small amount of the fermented kumiss from previous year in it. The old kumiss is utilized as a yeast starter. After stirring intently, It’s left for a night for the fermentation. In other seasons, they can’t get horse milk and the temperature is not suited for fermentation since Mongolia in winter is extremely cold, therefore Kumiss is a summer drink. Although called alcohol, the alcohol percentage is only about 2%, tasting like sour, and it can be drank by all, young and old men and women as a beverage for health.
Precious beverage with limited seasons and places
Chief producing district is the center of Mongolia. Especially Saihan, Borgan and Mogot is the location famous for Kumiss. The eastern part is the place having many horses but Kumiss isn’t produced. Kumiss is precious beverage which is available in limited seasons and places because if it’s taken from grassland to further places, it deteriorates and its ingredients change immediately then it becomes a drink that upsets stomach easily.