Country with belief and tradition in people's life
 Mysterious and attractive country Myanmar, with magnificent buddhist temples and beautiful natural sceneries.
Myanmar (used to be called Burma) is a South East Asian country with its boarder shared with India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thai. The country has 8 major ethnic groups and if we include all the ethnic minority, it is said that there are over 100 ethnic groups present.
 Our company "MyanmarCAD" is located in Yangon, the largest city in the country, and the famous golden pagoda "Shwedagon Pagoda" stood in the city along with green-full parks and beautiful lakes as well as lively market. In recent years, there are numerous foreign companies entering the country and its economic growth is catching some speed.
Myanmar's traditional outfit "Longyi" is a tubular cloth with around 2m length that is worn by wrapped around the waist. Both male and female wear them and typically you wear a pair of sandalls with Longyi. This clothing is treated as a formal wear, thus you can wear this in public occation.
Longyi is a general name for traditional wrap-around skirt and Longyi for the male is called "Paso" and one for female is called "Htamein". With "Paso", the knot is placed in front of your waist and matched with traditional collarless clothes or common shirts. "Hta Mein" has the knot located on the side of your waist and it is worn with matching tight tops, thus it is often bespoke made. The longyi keeps you cool when it is hot and keeps you warm when it is cold, so you can wear it all year round.
Longyi for male tends to be checkered patterns and ones for female have various colours and patterns like vivid colours, flower or polka-dot patterns. Combination of top and bottom can be both same pattern or arranged with your taste like colour of the top is from one of the colour used in bottom etc.

The pictures on the right are taken at the wedding party for one of our member (Bride in the picture). Our members who were attending the party also wore longyi. Longyi can be used in both formal occations like wedding ceremony or in everyday occations like when you go to work.
Wedding in Myanmar
 There are 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar. Each ethnic group has their unique wedding ceremony but most common style across the country is Bamar style wedding. It is called "Mingalar saung" in Myanmar language. In countryside, people tends to have traditional styled wedding but in cities like Yangon, the wedding style tends to be modern as well as traditional.
 The wedding costumes for bride and groom are in the same colour which bride chooses. Gold, white and pink are the popular colours. Bride wears jewels and flowers on her head. Sometimes bride wears wedding dress and take wedding photos
“Bagan” located in the Mandalay region, the center part in Myanmar, is one of the World’s Three Great Buddhist Ruins and a holy place of Myanmar buddhism. It has a lot of historic landmarks and cultural resources where millions of people visit.
Bagan is an exciting historical spot which we can enjoy sightseeing by various ways. It is famous for buddhist pagodas, buddhist statues and temples and we can take a sightseeing flight by hot-air baloon or rent an electric powered bicycle which is called “E-bike” moving around freely and see various buddhist pagodas. Also, we can ride in a hourse carriage which used to be a popular transportation in this area and see around as sightseeing.
Bagan is popular for lacquer and craft products and we can take a tour of the workshops. There are shops within the Buddhist pagodas which we can buy those lacquers, sand paintings and pictures as souvenirs. We can do not only looking at craft products but enjoying body painting composed of patterns painted on the back of hands etc. as well. One of glams at Bagan that we can see Myanmar’s village culture which is fading. For instance, we can drink Myanmar’s traditional wine, called “Plan wine”(sap of palm tree) in a house built on a tree.
Food at Bagan is about 3,000 kyat(about 300 yen) per a person, and there are some restaurants serving great local food as all-you-can-eat.
Beautiful scenery of Bagan and Excellent Access
Scenery of the sunrise and the sunset at Bagan is very popular and famous among foreigners as well. It is also enjoyable to see the sunset on a hot-air baloon or from the top of buddhist pagoda You can also enjoy scenery of the centeral region by a luxury boat cruise on Ayeyarwady river. Bagan locates on the riverside making it very convenient to access by car, bus, airplane or ship. Due to cheap lodging expense, this is the No.1 popular sightseeing spot which we want to visit again and again.
Bagan has not registered as a World Heritage Site yet but the number of tourists is increasing every year as a great spot to enjoy Myanmar’s culture and nature.