Lively country with the rich culture and nature
 Vietnam, located in the centre of South East Asia has S-shape extending towards North and South. Northern, Central and Southern part has rich culture and nature unique to each area. Hanoi, with a long history of 1,000years, is the capital city of Vietnam. There are several lakes and rivers in the inner city area and street trees provide a calm atmosphere. In the old quarter, there are many shops selling traditional crafts such as silk products, potteries and lacquer painting. You can see some old European styed architectures built in Frenchi Colonical era and there are varuous other historical buildings from different time periods remaining in the city. The population in Vietnam is relatively young with the average age being 30 years old, also they are enjoying the high economic growth.
 We have "VINACAD" and "VINA ARCHI" in Hanoi city and "VINAWHITE" in Nghe An province. We are expanding our business together with Vietnamese people who are hard-working, warmhearted and young members.
Lacquer Painting
Although it may not be widely know, North of Vietnam is a very good place for the lacquer production. The history of lacquerware in Vietnam goes back a very long time and it evolved into the unique culture. Out of these, there are many expression styles have developed for the lacquer paintings and nowadays it is enjoyed as a kind of the modern art.
Currently, Mr. Le Van Thin is carrying out his painting in Hanoi Vietnam.
He draws lacquer paintings, utilizing egg shell and shell fish. Seeing his painting make you come across many thoughts. His unique style is one of its kind and is something that people can not imitate. These lacquer paintings with egg and sea shells are called "White Lacquer painting" and these paintings matches well with Japanese houses.
Lê Văn Thìn

Born in 1952 Living in Hanoi, Vietnam
Graduated from Vietnamese University of Arts in 1981
Member of Vietnamese Art Association
Lecturer of Industrial Design in Hanoi university of Technology
Works exhibited in
Philip Morris Asia 1988,1999,2000
Paris International Art Fair 2005
Beijing International Art Biennale 2010
Seoul International Art Fair 2015
Exhibited in many art exhibitions in Vietnam.

His art is stored in Vietnamese National Museum and other foreign countries such as UK, France, USA, Hong Kong, China and Japane etc.
Silver-work which is unique and requires delicacy, is polished up carefully by the hands of craftsmen. The silver-work in Vietnam has a long history, going back approximately 800 years.
This traditional craftsmanship is mostly handed down though, for now, the number of craftsmen is decreasing.
In that situation, there are still some youths who are trying hard everyday to master the skill and hand it down to the next generation.