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Address:410-1, Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu
Opening hours:Sat・Sun 10:00〜16:00
Depending on the situation with harvesting etc, there may be days that the Shop is closed
In Yogo-cho (Nagahama city, Shiga) and Akasaka-cho (Ogaki city, Gifu), where the Japanese traditional sceneries are still present, we grow fresh vegetables and rice only with organic fertilizers and not use pesticides. These rice and vegetables are sold at this shop.
Chiffon cake made with Omi Yogo Koshihikari rice powder.
Triple flavoured ice cream with purple yam, wild sesame, sweet pumpkin.
Vietnamese coffee served in the traditional Bat Trang cups etc...
We have various seasonal flavours on the menu!
Fresh vegetable sale-stand
JAS certified organic rice "Omi Yogo Koshihikari Rice", local tastes like Akasaka's fig jam and honey etc...
We also have fresh seasonal vegetables on sale at the shop
※The availability of these product may be susceptable to change due to weather and timing of the harvest.
Truely good tastes and real richness comes...
We think that the local specialities are somewhat nostargic taste and something that reminds you of childhood sceneries for the local people.
We think the seasonal vegetble grown in the matching local climate gives the most natural and rich flavours
We want to work on rediscovering and reviving the local specialities of the area that Yabashi is related to.
The truely good taste and real richness comes once a year on the season, in the form of local specialities grown in the local climate by the natural agricultural method.
Vegetables grown with organic fertilizers and without any pesticides
Introducing you the AGROFORESTRY product line-ups.
Omi Yogo Koshihikari Rice
Small grained rice with sweet and sticky flavours. It tastes delicious even when it is cold. Carefully grown from seedling with organic fertilizers, not using any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
JAS certified organic rice!
Carefully grown rice with organic fertilizers, not using any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
Clean air and water with large temperature difference in Yogo suit growing rice and vegetables. We believe this beautiful scenery makes delicious agricultural products

3 gou・2kg・5kg packages Brown rice is also available
As the family gift
for your child birth
We will pack the rice to the same weight as your baby 's weight
Akasaka’ s Fig
Rare "Japanese Fig", sweetness and sourness in good balance with thin skin.
Fig is originally from southern Arabia. This type of fig, Horaishi, came to Japan around 370 years ago via China and it is called “native breed” or “Japanese fig.
Limestone contained soil in Akasaka-cho, Ogaki city, Gifu pref. is suited to grow Horaishi and the fig has been famous amongst locals.
However, compared to dauphin (western fig) which you see generally in the market, Horaishi is more delicate and is more difficult to transport, so you can now hardly find it in the market. We brought back this nostalgic Horaishi with smooth richly sweet flavour like no other fig, as the town’s local speciality to you.
Fresh fig
Sold around:Oct. ~ Nov.
Fig jam
Sold around:Oct. ~ Mar.
Pure honey from Omi Yogo
Japanese Pure Hundred Flower Honey
Rare Japanese made honey collected from various mountain trees and vegetation growing in the land of Yogo-cho, Nagahama city, Shiga pref.
We started bee-keeping because we wanted to bring the natural untouched deliciousness to you. We handle the bees with bare hands so that these delicate bees will grow into gentle nature. Depending on the time of honey collection, colour and flavour changes, so you can taste natural honeys that are only available at specific season.
Sold around:Jul. ~ Dec.

Peanut from Omi Yogo
Sweet and solid peanut are packed in the small nutshells.

Pickled turnip from Omi Yogo
Rare mountainous turnip which has been grown in Yogo-cho from long time ago.
When it is pickled, red pigment comes out from the vegetable and colours the vegetable into bright red.
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Telephone order 0749-86-3021
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