Metal products list
For your inquiry on Metal Products
Yabashi Forestry Co., Ltd. Steel Products Division 0584-71-1023
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For your inquiry on Metal Products
Yabashi Forestry Co., Ltd. Steel Products Division 0584-71-1023
Click here to inquire by email
Bespoke Machine ・
Yabashi Original Machine
The Machine is made according to your needs and all the procedures from mechanical and control design,production , installation and adjustments are taken care by us
Metal DieDesignining, manufacturing and installing various press dies. (We will propose ideas for efficient production and cost down) Metal Dies for Aluminium Window Sashes / Metal Die for Steel Pipe Cutter / Metal Die for Sheet Steel Parts / Metal Die for Sheet Steel Cutting / Metal Die for Sheet Steel Hole Drilling
Construction materials ・Plant facility partsWe act as a sales agent for the System Architecture Products. By standardising the materials in foundation, steel frame, exterior, roof and temporary constraction stages, it has become possible to cut the cost down by 25%, as well as shortening the construction time upto 25%. High strength bolted connection makes it highly earthquake-proof.
General steel materialsProduct list for standard general materials
H-Steel / C-Steel / General steel tube for structural purposes (STK) / Steel Gas Pipe(SGP) / Square pipe / Column / Round steel / Deformed round bar / Light-gage channel / Rail / Equal angle steel / Unequal angle steel / Channel / I-Steel / Steel sheet / Flat steel / Square steel / Deck plate / Keystone plate / Stainless / Aluminium / Copper / Special steel
General buildingsWe carry out design and construction for factories, warehouses, shops. offices, apartments, residential houses and extension work
We also carry out works such as construction of plant facilities for lime business, dust collector, conveyer belts, aseismic reinforcing work, maintenance and repair.
General civil engineering materialsWe carry out installation and sales of civil landscape products. Fence / Steel sheet pile・Steel pipe pile / Concrete form material (Metal Form) / Landscape products(Park facilities・playground equipment) / Guard rail / Base for solar cells / Car port / Geolime etc.
Base packBase pack pedestal construction method is an exposed-type pedestal construction method which provides high degree of fixation. The anchor bolt, the main parts, is installed to set position with templates or anchor frame etc., Reinforcement bars and molds are installed then the concrete is poured in. After the steel frame raising, Basepack Grout (High strength non-shrinkage mortar) is injected at the bottom side of base plate. This enables base plate and foundation concrete to be fixed and tightly in contact with each other.
Flexible StairsYabashi Original Flexible Stairs: Characteristics 1 : Cost reduction through standardisation of parts! / 2 : It is prefabricated type, so you can construct it without the need for large heavy machinery. / 3 : The angle can be adjusted between 35°~60° depending on the height of places to be installed. / 4 : By joining multiple stairs, you can construct stairs with any length you need. / 5 : We always have some stairs in stock, so there is no waiting time for it to be produced!
StepladderWe sell ladders and stepladders as a sales agent for Hasegawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. who is the pioneer for ladeders and stepladders.
MaintenanceWe are able to carry out Maintenance work for various buildings and facilities following the needs of the work sites such as mining plants and factories