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We made products that you can use everyday,
from mill end wood of the housing structural materials that we selected.
Yabashi Forestry has been working with wood such as "Yabashi's Home". Various types of woods are used in the houses, but the main wooden material is the structural material. The structural materials support your home from the places you can not see. However, we want you to feel this material close to you in your daily life like flooring wood, so we developed some wooden products using structural wood.
Please feel closer with the woods and forests.
In houses, there are some wood like structural materials which do not come under your eyes. From these hidden woods, we pick pieces which are too small to be used as the housing materials and turn them into daily usable products like benches and planters.
We believe that making sure to use as much of the material that we carefully pick as possible is the best way to utilise the nature's goodness.
We produce each one carefully upon orders.
About Japanese cedar
Typical Japanese speciality type of tree and it has been used for wooden housing material since the olden days. Japanese cedar is light in weight and is easy to process.
About SPF material
The name SPF is taken from initial letters of spruce, pine and fir which grow the most in temperate forests in Canadian West coast. It is generally known as the structural material for 2 x 4 construction method has characteristic white wood surface.
Tough bench that are made from woods used in wooden hosues gives unique presence.
You can place it in your garden or veranda as a outdoor bench, or you can use it indoors too.
The products are made in our own factory in Japan which gives you assurance in quality.
W400×D400×H390・SPF material
W1100×D400×H390・SPF material
(Wide bench C:W1600 / D:W1800)
W1100×D600×H390・SPF material
(Wide bench F:W1600 / G:W1800)
W1200×D450×H390・Japanese cedar
W400×D350×H200・SPF material

Stable and sturdy step is safe for small children too.
W250×D180×H160・Japanese cedar

You can use it as a bit of a chair for you or other things.
Options to choose from...
There are three kinds of options you can choose from depending on your usage.
Varnish finishing to make the surface stronger, or you can choose preservative treatment option for outdoor use with bright and cheerful light colour or calm dark colour.
Varnish finish
Preservative treatment light colour
Preservative treatment dark colour
Warmth of the wood

You can enjoy the real texture of the wood with our WOOD WORK products. We sand down the edge and surface so that your child can safely use our products. Please enjoy the warmth of the natural wood and its smooth feel.

※We are able to produce special bespoke sized products. Please contact us if you are interested.
Wooden planters (made with Japanese cedar) comes in two sizes. It can be used not just for the gardening but also as indoor interiors as well. You can put the soil directly into the planter or use it as a planter cover. The underlying pannel has holes through and you can take it out if you want.
W800×D230×H200 Japanese cedar
W450×D230×H200 Japanese cedar
W450×D230×H200 Japanese cedar(Charred cedar)
W800×D230×H200 Japanese cedar(Charred cedar)
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Telephone order 0584-91-3366
Telephone order 0584-91-3366
※All products are delivered as finished products
※ Please refer to the separate sheet and online information for the product types, sizes and prices.
※ Size is displayed as W・width×D・Depth×H・Height(mm)
※ Since the products are made with solid woods and due to the nature of solid wood, it may bend, crack or declour but these occurances are not due to faulty products. We hope to gain your understandings.
※ Charred cedar may have black charcoal from grilling process, so please be aware.
※ The products are produced upon orders, so the products will be dispatched within 7 working days from the factory.
  (If there are many orders at the same time, the dispatch time may be delayed.)