Recruitment Information
Yabashi Group consists of 8 companies in Japan and 7 companies abroad, with its main operation being Timber Business, Metal Business, Lime Business The group operates wide range of businesses across Japan, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Korea and Singapore.
Our Corporate PhilosophyUnderstanding People. Exploring Humankind.
Exploring Humanity―
This may sound strange as the philosophy of a corporation, but we the Yabashi Group declare that this is the core of our mission and values.
Corporations are an important part of modern society, and they are supported by their individual employees.
Thus, the most basic element for society to function is its individuals.
This is why the Yabashi Group, as a corporation, strives to understand every person and explore humanity.

Why has the Yabashi Group been announcing, since its foundation, that exploring humanity is its corporate philosophy?
This comes from the history of the Yabashi family, the founders of the group. In the middle of the Japanese Archipelago, on the Nobi Plain of the Seino Area, was one of the post towns on Nakasen Road named Akasaka. Akasaka played an important role in the history of the early modern Japan. The Yabashi family, who have lived there for as long as 400 years, once served as the town leaders of Akasaka. It is unknown now what relation the Yabashi family had with the community of Akasaka at that time, but by closely scrutinizing their family mottoes, we can estimate how the family got along with the community.

They had the following three family mottoes

1. Cultivate a “secret virtue” : Work for people and society without the expectation of praise or reward.
2. There is more to life than business: Value mind above material prosperity, and you will develop a secret virtue.
3. Appreciate curios and objects of art : It will help to find the mentality of the artists lurking behind the external beauty of their works.

By looking back at these mottoes, it quickly becomes apparent how a long time ago, the family lived in harmony with the rest of their community.
They kept company with people in a modest, honest, and natural style. They improved their human spirit by cultivating virtue rather than by pursuing business profits. By appreciating fine art, they discovered the great creative power of humans. All these things prove that the family mottoes have shown the importance of humankind.

Exploring humanity:
Even after 400 years, the Yabashi Group thinks that the importance of humans should be placed above everything else.
We seek to discover the potential of each of our employees, and develop their power. We will focus this power on making products which will help people live happily and comfortably.
The profits we earn shall be returned to society.
We believe it is our corporate duty to make contributions to society, and in order to perform this duty, above all, we will explore humanity. The Yabashi Group will continue to declare that this exploration is our top corporate philosophy.

Management Policy
Thorough customer orientated approach to gain customer satisfaction.
Code of conduct
Review the customs and implicit understandings,
make them into rules and strictly observe the rules everyone has agreed on.
1. Return to the principles and draw out the ideal states. Reveal the customs and tacit consents, turn them into rules, make improvements on them and make them known to all.
2. Reveal problems, substantiate them and pursue the root cause of the problems and take measures against these.
3. Thorough realisation of observing rules.
Main Businesses
With "Gaining new wisdom through old", we combine traditional design and cutting edge technologies to propose spiritually fulfilled life to our customers.
Our specialists from different departments are cooperating together to produce products such as metal processing products and design and development of bespoke machines.
By developping undiscovered potential of the lime, we return something back to the society with products that are friendly to both human and environment.
Discover the talents of each individual employees and develop these capabilities.

Gather such capabilities to manufacture goods which enables people to live with happiness and fulfilments.
We return the profit that is accumulated through such activities back to the society.

In order to make "social contribution" which is the responsibility of a company, we are firstly working on "exploring" the "humankind".
Yabashi Group who operates our business across Asia looking for those who want to work globally. We believe that it is important that the person has one's own opinion and aspiration and is willing to perform the work using one's ability.
At Yabashi Group, we udnerstand our different cultures in different countries in Asia and work together with our members in various countries in Asia to produce goods so that everyone can become better off together.
Let us introduce you the culture of the countries where our members are from.